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Deep Cleaning

Our services cover all areas of home cleaning with many special, add-on services for a truly, thorough cleaning experience. What’s more, Iclean & Healing is made up of certified, vetted cleaners that possess the skill, know-how and experience to deep clean homes of all types and sizes!

It’s inevitable; every home requires a deep clean once in a while, in order to maintain its overall condition. If you haven’t maintained your home in the past 30 days, your home will have built up dust, grime and dirt. If this is something you’ve been putting off due to lack of time, or simply because you haven’t found an affordable, trusted and reliable cleaning service for the job, that’s about to change


High-Quality Equipment
& Products

Deep cleaning services are nothing like your ordinary, everyday cleaning methods. They require the right tools, products and techniques in order to thoroughly clean and sanitise a home. Iclean & Healing, you never have to worry about the quality of equipment and products used to clean your home because we do not compromise on quality in any shape or form. Our deep cleaning services are carried out with the help of industry leading equipment and top of the line cleaning products.

Along with high-quality tools and eco-friendly cleaners, Iclean & Healing goes the extra mile to make houses spotless by working tirelessly and systematically. You can expect our deep cleaning services to be completed within a reasonable timeframe and, more importantly, to perfection! That’s right; Iclean & Healing is your go-to company for an efficient, professional, and satisfactory deep cleaning service.

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